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Monthly Group Hitting Instruction

Get Access to Major League Drills to Improve Your Stance, Setup, Bat Speed, and Swing Competitiveness.

Batter’s University “Barrel It Up” Package.

• Hitters will learn the basic hitter set up, stance, posture, and hand placement.

• Concepts to get in proper Swing Sequence.

• Drills to enhance swing mechanics.

• Intense Tee Drill Application.

• Tee Drills specified to help hitters own unique swing.

• Live application swings.

• (BRT) Timing Concepts.

• Major League Drills to Improve swing Competitiveness.

Package includes 4 monthly hitting sessions (12 hitter max per group). 

Available onlMondays or Tuesdays 6:30-8pm.  $200 monthly fee.

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